HUB2.5 Creative Co-WOrking
Logo, Branding, interior design, Products, advertising
Hub2.5 is a conceptual membership based co-working hub by day and a lively cocktail lounge that is open to the public by night. The name Hub2.5 is derived from 3rd space theory which states that life generally revolves around 3 spaces: 1- home, 2- work, and 3- anything in-between (usually for leisure and social purposes). As creatives, and especially freelancers, we often find ourselves working in these 3rd spaces. I leaned into the idea, creating a space that is designed for both work and fun. The brand is fun, warm, joyful, and uplifting with it’s bold colors, funky sayings, and chill vibe, but it is also adaptable to suit a more sophisticated vibe as the part of the hub transforms into a bar-lounge at night. 

final project for the spring semester of my senior year at the University of Central Florida.
welcome, step inside!

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